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I arrived in London at 7:25 a.m. (England is an hour behind Germany), and my Eos flight would not depart until 4 p.m. What would I do for nine hours? Instead of hanging out at the airport or schlepping my bags, I walked with a free luggage cart (which most international airports provide -- but usually not in the U.S.) two minutes from the airport to the SAS Radisson Hotel. Eos provides its passengers with free showers or discounts for rooms there. Normal rates are £99 ($185) a night, £65 ($122) for 6 hours and £45 ($85) for a 4-hour day room.

The 500-room hotel is very chic, especially for an airport. Rooms are decorated in three styles: "Ocean," "Chili" or "Urban." My "Urban" room featured sensual red furniture and dark wood. My favorite part was the bathroom, with oversized fluffy towels, scented liquid soaps and a heated floor that made my cold bare feet warm and cozy. The hotel lobby is open, with views of the four individually designed restaurants -- including the Wine Tower Bar in the center, with a wine tower similar to Aureole in Las Vegas. You can see waitresses "fly" up the tower when someone orders a bottle. Filini offers a fantastic breakfast buffet, which turned out not to be cheap. £12.95 sounded reasonable at the time – but I was tired, and forget to convert pounds to US dollars. When I snapped out of it I realized I had spent $24 for a buffet. Ouch! At least it was fantastic, and the hotel has an extensive health and fitness club to work it off. (Radisson SAS Hotel London Stansted Airport)

London sights at night & early morning

Hugo's travel blog in London, United Kingdom. He went on 01 of June 2007 for 1 day. He went for live here. Hugo went with just me.
I took a few snaps of London landmarks whilst walking back home at night or on my way to breakfast meetings in the morning.
London is a great walking city and I may just add in the odd snap here every once in a while.

Travel in London England 2009

With all the rich history London has to offer and truly remarkable places you can visit, which are usually open and dressed up for the Christmas holidays one event that you will not want to miss out on while you are there is the Southwark Cathedral Christmas carols. For that true Christmas feeling you need to hear Christmas carols, so Southwark Cathedral Christmas carols are returning once again with awesome concerts that are sure to keep Londoners and her visitors from around the globe entertained throughout the month of December.

Not only does Southwark offer traditional Christmas singing but with that array of entertainment it also offers traditional Christmas reading and much more. Expect this event to be accessible from the 30th of November to the 25th of December at Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge. Truly this is some of the best to take place in London. While you are enjoying your celebration with friends and family in London you can’t miss London’s South Bank festivities, although a summer attraction to most, the bank at Christmas time is all lit up for visitors and those that reside and just want to experience a romantic evening walk along the Thames river.

But don’t miss out on the Southbank’s sixth annual BFI IMAX showing of the “Polar Express” in 3-D. After the show, treat the family to a shopping experience they will never forget in the Southbank’s Cologne Christmas market and the Christmas Slow food market. Altogether these two places will feature one hundred vendors with festive music and a carousel and a demo tent in the food market where you can catch up on some great recipes. So if a trip to London England has been on your mind then make this a Christmas holiday season to remember for yourself and the family.

Why travel all the way to London

Some great can’t miss sights in London if you choose to travel there this holiday season are,

(1) The Great Frost Christmas 1683 and the Thames River froze solid for eight weeks. A frost fair was held on the ice according to history, people would set up market stalls and buffoonery every year.

(2) Great Kings of India held from October-January annually. Interested in Royalty, then you’ll want to see the Victoria & Albert museum for some insight into the extravagant world of the Maharaja’s.

(3) London characters – Harold Shand, Cockney gangster played by Bob Hoskins in the 1980 film “The Long Good Friday”.

(4) London Characters – Ellen Bulfield, During WW1, over 18,000 male bus conductors were called off to war. The brave Ellen was one of thousands of women who replaced them and kept the buses rolling at all costs.

(5) Wild animals of London, London is very famous for its hedgehogs and if you get lucky you might get to catch a glimpse of such critters as their hedgehogs, stag beetles, slow worms, dormice, great crested newts, badgers, bats and water voles.

Another site you will want to be able to brag a bout seeing is London’s “Alexander Palace”, built in 1873 as north London’s answer to the Crystal Palace, it suffered the fate of burning to the ground just an amazing 16 days after it’s doors opened. Today there is a skating rink in the palace that visitors can enjoy and it is used for conferences from time to time. It was used to house German POWs during WWI and in 1936 it became the world’s very first television transmission headquarters. In 1980 it burned completely down again and was rebuilt yet again and re-opened fully in 1988.

Ten easy tips on how to ruin your summer holiday

Millions of Brits will be heading off on their holidays as soon as the schools close in the summer, and it is surprising that even the basics people can forget. In this post I want to provide you with tips on how to ruin your summer holiday. In other words do the complete opposite!

Before you go on holiday

- Let your passport expire and then alter the expiry date with a felt tip pen.
- Pack your favourite illegal drugs in your socks, no one will find them.
- Pack fireworks for your 10th wedding anniversary party on the beach.
- Write down your pin number on a sticky note and stick it to your credit card.
- Leave your door open with a sign informing people that you are on holiday.

While you are on holiday

- Don’t protect your skin from the sunshine and spend your holiday in bed with sunstroke.
- Flash your gadgets and wallet full of Euros at holidaymakers sat around the pool.
- Drink 15 pints of beer and dance naked on the roof of a police car.
- Go bungee jumping without travel insurance and break both legs and arms.
- Let the kids attempt to swim the Atlantic Ocean unattended.

Final stages of Tower Bridge re-painting starts

During these closures, traffic will be diverted via the Rotherhithe Tunnel, London Bridge and Southwark Bridge to complete their journey. TfL will monitor traffic flows on these diversion routes to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.
Peter Bennett, City Surveyor, City of London Corporation said. "We are at the end of our three-year programme to re-paint Tower Bridge. It is vital to ensure this important London landmark, built in 1894, stays in good working order for decades to come - for all of us to use and enjoy.

"We have been working very closely with Transport for London to ensure the refurbishment is undertaken with as little disruption to local residents and traffic."
Alan Bristow, Director of Traffic at TfL said. "By working with the City of London, we have been able to ensure that these works to Tower Bridge can be carried out with the minimum disruption to Londoners.

"The 36 night-time closures have been scheduled to avoid clashing with any other major works to other river crossings and TfL will monitor traffic during these closures to ensure that traffic flow is maintained at all times."

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